Hello everybody,

Welcome to my picture page. I love photography. That is why I started this site. It will show, what I consider to be my best photos. They are moments in time and space, my time and space. Please be aware that I am an amateur, that just loves to take pictures.

That is why I got into photography at the first place. It captures moments and ables somebody to share them with others. As a camera, I used to have a Minolta Dimage Z3. I think it had a handy outlining. It was easy to use. Unfortunately the camera broke. Nowerdays I use Canon EOS. It is a nice camera and not that difficult to use.

Some of these pictures had a little make-over with Paint Shop Pro. Nothing was added though. I try to enhance the quality of my pictures. Some have been cropped or re-sized.  Nothing was added in the picture. they are not jiggsaw puzzles of other pictures.

I have divided the website in ..... categories: animals, cities & buildings, nice views, cars & planes and models. I haven't done any model shooting yet. That is for the time when I have more practise under my belt and hopefully sometraining. I am still learning and trying new things out. I have made a Gaudi - tribute now as well. If you visited Barcelona, you know why.

Just click the pictures below and they will bring you to the right pages. Enjoy looking at them.
Panoramic views
Cars and planes
Gaudi tribute